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Talkonaut 1.0 for Google's Android platform

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10th of November 2009.

We are pleased to announce a first beta release of our Talkonaut mobile IM chat and mVoIP application for Android. This edition of Talkonaut has been written 'from scratch' (i.e. it is not a port of Symbian version), hence at this moment it has a very minimalistic set of features, which are:

  • Support for basic core XMPP/Jabber standard for IM chat and Presence.
  • Support for SRV domain records while connecting to third-party XMPP servers.
  • Support for Google's gmail accounts.
  • Support for voice calling to Google Talk and to Gmail to those with "Gmail Voice and Video" plugin installed.
  • Support for IM typing notification.
  • Support for our built-in MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ transports both for IM chat and voice calling. Standard Jabber transports are not yet supported.
  • Support for SIP both for making and receiving calls.
  • Support for DTMF tones and dialing phones from dial-pad.
  • Chat history is saved on SD card into /sdcard/talkonaut by default and is dynamically loadable upon opening a chat window.
  • Support for avatars.

Talkonaut is available on Google's Andoird Market, just search for `talkonaut'.

Updated: 17th December 2009.

  • Support for Multi-user chat rooms (XEP-0045).
  • Support for File Transfer (XEP-0047).
  • Possibility to update one's own vCard and avatar.
  • Camera access and photo sending.
  • Customizable ring-tone and audio notifications.

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