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List of supported devices

Listed below are phones which are known to be able to run J2ME version of Talkonaut. Note, that J2ME platforms are not VoIP capable, so real VoIP calling is not possible and Callback is the only way of setting up calls on J2ME through Talkonaut.

BlackBerry 7250
BlackBerry 8100
BlackBerry 8110
BlackBerry 8120
BlackBerry 8130
BlackBerry 8300
BlackBerry 8310
BlackBerry 8320
BlackBerry 8330
BlackBerry 8700
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8820
BlackBerry 8900
BlackBerry 9000
BlackBerry 9500
BlackBerry 9530
LG CU400
LG CU500
LG CU720
LG KE520
LG KE770
LG KE800
LG KE820
LG KE850
LG KE970
LG KF750
LG KG200j
LG KG280
LG KG290
LG KG300j
LG KU311
LG KU380
LG KU800
LG KU970
LG KU990
LG LX260
LG LX350
LG LX550
LG LX570
LG ME850d
LG TU500
LG U8290
Motorola A1200
Motorola A1200e
Motorola A1200eam
Motorola A1200i
Motorola A1200r
Motorola A780
Motorola Black
Motorola C380
Motorola C390
Motorola C650
Motorola C651
Motorola C975
Motorola CooL7
Motorola E
Motorola E1
Motorola E1000
Motorola E1000M
Motorola E1_ROCK
Motorola E2006
Motorola E398
Motorola E398B
Motorola E550
Motorola E680
Motorola E680G
Motorola E680i
Motorola E770
Motorola E770v
Motorola E8
Motorola K1
Motorola K1v
Motorola KILLER
Motorola L2
Motorola L6
Motorola L6i
Motorola L7
Motorola L71
Motorola L72
Motorola L7_MyLove
Motorola L7e
Motorola L7i
Motorola L7v
Motorola L9
Motorola MOTOROKRE6e
Motorola Moto
Motorola Motorola
Motorola Naruto_v1
Motorola Neon
Motorola PEBL
Motorola PoeR
Motorola Poer
Motorola PoerE1
Motorola Q
Motorola Q9
Motorola RAZRV3x
Motorola RAZRV3xM
Motorola RAZRV3xR
Motorola RAZRV3xv
Motorola RAZRV3xx
Motorola RAZRV6
Motorola RAZRV6v
Motorola ROKR
Motorola ROMANI
Motorola RV6
Motorola Roker
Motorola Rokr
Motorola Speed
Motorola U9
Motorola V1050
Motorola V180
Motorola V190
Motorola V195
Motorola V220
Motorola V235
Motorola V3
Motorola V300
Motorola V360
Motorola V360i
Motorola V360v
Motorola V3i
Motorola V3ie
Motorola V3r
Motorola V3v
Motorola V3x
Motorola V500
Motorola V525M
Motorola V550
Motorola V551
Motorola V600
Motorola V620
Motorola V635
Motorola V80
Motorola V975
Motorola V980
Motorola V980M
Motorola W510
Motorola Z3
Motorola ZN5
Motorola e398
Motorola iTunes
Motorola r2d2
Nokia 2600c
Nokia 2610
Nokia 2626
Nokia 2630
Nokia 2855
Nokia 2865
Nokia 2865i
Nokia 3109c
Nokia 3110c
Nokia 3120classic
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3250
Nokia 3500c
Nokia 5000d
Nokia 5140
Nokia 5140i
Nokia 5200
Nokia 5220XpressMusic
Nokia 5300
Nokia 5310XpressMusic
Nokia 5500d
Nokia 5610
Nokia 5610d
Nokia 5700
Nokia 6020
Nokia 6021
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6030b
Nokia 6060
Nokia 6060v
Nokia 6070
Nokia 6080
Nokia 6080b
Nokia 6085
Nokia 6086
Nokia 6101
Nokia 6102
Nokia 6102i
Nokia 6103
Nokia 6110Navigator
Nokia 6111
Nokia 6120c
Nokia 6125
Nokia 6126
Nokia 6131
Nokia 6136
Nokia 6151
Nokia 6165i
Nokia 6170
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6233
Nokia 6234
Nokia 6235
Nokia 6235i
Nokia 6255
Nokia 6255i
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6265
Nokia 6265i
Nokia 6267
Nokia 6270
Nokia 6275
Nokia 6275i
Nokia 6276
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6288
Nokia 6290
Nokia 6300
Nokia 6500c
Nokia 6500s
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 6708
Nokia 6822
Nokia 7260
Nokia 7270
Nokia 7310
Nokia 7360
Nokia 7370
Nokia 7373
Nokia 7390
Nokia 7500
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7710
Nokia 7900
Nokia 8600
Nokia 8800
Nokia 8800SI
Nokia 8800e
Nokia 8801
Nokia 9300
Nokia 9300i
Nokia 9500
Nokia E50
Nokia E51
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia E61i
Nokia E62
Nokia E65
Nokia E70
Nokia E90
Nokia N
Nokia N70
Nokia N71
Nokia N72
Nokia N73
Nokia N75
Nokia N76
Nokia N80
Nokia N81
Nokia N82
Nokia N90
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia N93i
Sagem my700x
Sagem myW-7
Sagem myX-5-2T
Sagem myX-8
Sagem myX6-2
Samsung PLS-M500
Samsung PLSA920
Samsung PLSM520
Samsung SGH-A701
Samsung SGH-A706
Samsung SGH-A707
Samsung SGH-A727
Samsung SGH-A736
Samsung SGH-A737
Samsung SGH-D500
Samsung SGH-D500E
Samsung SGH-D510
Samsung SGH-D600
Samsung SGH-D600E
Samsung SGH-D820
Samsung SGH-D880
Samsung SGH-D900
Samsung SGH-D900i
Samsung SGH-D908
Samsung SGH-D908i
Samsung SGH-E200
Samsung SGH-E250
Samsung SGH-E250-ORANGE
Samsung SGH-E340
Samsung SGH-E350
Samsung SGH-E350E
Samsung SGH-E360
Samsung SGH-E370
Samsung SGH-E380
Samsung SGH-E390
Samsung SGH-E590
Samsung SGH-E730
Samsung SGH-F330
Samsung SGH-F480
Samsung SGH-F480-ORANGE
Samsung SGH-F490-ORANGE
Samsung SGH-F490-Vodafone
Samsung SGH-F700-Vodafone
Samsung SGH-G600
Samsung SGH-G800
Samsung SGH-I607
Samsung SGH-I617
Samsung SGH-J200
Samsung SGH-J700
Samsung SGH-J750
Samsung SGH-L760
Samsung SGH-P850
Samsung SGH-P910
Samsung SGH-U700
Samsung SGH-X620
Samsung SGH-X670
Samsung SGH-X700
Samsung SGH-Z150
Samsung SGH-Z170
Samsung SGH-Z230
Samsung SGH-Z240
Samsung SGH-Z400
Samsung SGH-Z400-Vodafone
Samsung SGH-Z540
Samsung SGH-Z560
Samsung SGH-Z720
Samsung SGH-ZV50-Vodafone
Samsung SGH-ZV60-Vodafone
Samsung SGH-i601
Samsung SGH-i710
Samsung SGH-i718plus_CMCC
Samsung SGH-i780
Samsung SGH-i780V
Samsung SPHA700
Samsung SPHA800
Samsung SPHA900
Samsung SPHA900P
Samsung SPHA920
Samsung SPHA940
Samsung SPHM500
Samsung SPHM510
Samsung SPHM520
Samsung SPHM610
Samsung SPHM620
Siemens C65
Siemens C6V
Siemens C72
Siemens C75
Siemens C81
Siemens C81F
Siemens CF75
Siemens CX65
Siemens CX6C
Siemens CX70
Siemens CX75
Siemens E71
Siemens EF81
Siemens EL71
Siemens M65
Siemens M75
Siemens M81
Siemens ME75
Siemens S65
Siemens S68
Siemens S68C
Siemens S6C
Siemens S6V
Siemens S75
Siemens SK65
Siemens SK6R
Siemens SL65
Siemens SL75
Siemens SP65
SonyEricsson AryaSenna
SonyEricsson C702
SonyEricsson C902
SonyEricsson D750i
SonyEricsson F500i
SonyEricsson G502
SonyEricsson G900
SonyEricsson J300a
SonyEricsson J300i
SonyEricsson K300a
SonyEricsson K300i
SonyEricsson K310a
SonyEricsson K310i
SonyEricsson K310iv
SonyEricsson K320i
SonyEricsson K500i
SonyEricsson K508c
SonyEricsson K508i
SonyEricsson K510i
SonyEricsson K530i
SonyEricsson K550c
SonyEricsson K550i
SonyEricsson K600c
SonyEricsson K600i
SonyEricsson K608i
SonyEricsson K610i
SonyEricsson K610iv
SonyEricsson K618i
SonyEricsson K630i
SonyEricsson K660i
SonyEricsson K700
SonyEricsson K700c
SonyEricsson K700i
SonyEricsson K750c
SonyEricsson K750i
SonyEricsson K770i
SonyEricsson K770iv
SonyEricsson K790a
SonyEricsson K790c
SonyEricsson K790i
SonyEricsson K800i
SonyEricsson K800iv
SonyEricsson K810i
SonyEricsson K850i
SonyEricsson K850iv
SonyEricsson Ko4in
SonyEricsson M600i
SonyEricsson M608c
SonyEricsson P1i
SonyEricsson P800
SonyEricsson P900
SonyEricsson P910a
SonyEricsson P910i
SonyEricsson P990i
SonyEricsson S500i
SonyEricsson S700c
SonyEricsson S700i
SonyEricsson S710a
SonyEricsson T280i
SonyEricsson T650i
SonyEricsson T923i
SonyEricsson TM506
SonyEricsson V600i
SonyEricsson V630iv
SonyEricsson V640iv
SonyEricsson V800
SonyEricsson W1001
SonyEricsson W200a
SonyEricsson W200c_CMCC
SonyEricsson W200i
SonyEricsson W200iv
SonyEricsson W300c
SonyEricsson W300i
SonyEricsson W350i
SonyEricsson W380i
SonyEricsson W550c
SonyEricsson W550i
SonyEricsson W580i
SonyEricsson W600i
SonyEricsson W610i
SonyEricsson W660i
SonyEricsson W700i
SonyEricsson W710i
SonyEricsson W750i
SonyEricsson W760i
SonyEricsson W800c
SonyEricsson W800i
SonyEricsson W810c
SonyEricsson W810i
SonyEricsson W810iv
SonyEricsson W830c
SonyEricsson W830i
SonyEricsson W850i
SonyEricsson W850iv
SonyEricsson W880i
SonyEricsson W880iv
SonyEricsson W890i
SonyEricsson W900i
SonyEricsson W910i
SonyEricsson W910iv
SonyEricsson W950i
SonyEricsson W960i
SonyEricsson X
SonyEricsson Z1010
SonyEricsson Z310a
SonyEricsson Z310i
SonyEricsson Z310iv
SonyEricsson Z520a
SonyEricsson Z520i
SonyEricsson Z530i
SonyEricsson Z550a
SonyEricsson Z550c
SonyEricsson Z550i
SonyEricsson Z558i
SonyEricsson Z610i
SonyEricsson Z710i
SonyEricsson Z750i
SonyEricsson Z770i
SonyEricsson Z800
SonyEricsson Z800i
SonyEricsson k750i
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