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Business offer for SIP service providers

Are you a SIP service provider ? Are you interested in obtaining new markets ? Or just interested in IM and mobile VoIP ? Our mobile VoIP software solution is here to help you grow your business along with the continously growing mobile markets and ever expanding IM services!

What we provide:

  • A branded (or a white-labeled) version of our popular XMPP/Jingle based Talkonaut mobile VoIP and multi-protocol IM client.
  • Our full-featured and unique VoIP soft-switch (GTalk2VoIP gateway) which you can set up on your servers to deliver VoIP calls from branded-Talkonaut users to your SIP network, to VoIM clients and vice versa.
  • All the work, required to deploy and tightly integrate new service into your existing SIP/VoIP infrastructure.
  • 24 hours a day/7 days a week technical support service over IM or phone.

Branding includes:

  • Feel and look re-design (including colors, logos, menu structures, etc).
  • Limiting users to your service only: to let users make VoIP calls only through your SIP network, use only your XMPP server, etc. You are growing your own userbase.
  • Adding key features unique to your service.

What your users get:

  • New unique multi-protocol IM service available for major mobile platforms: Symbian S60 2nd and 3rd, Windows Mobile 5/6 and J2ME.
  • New unique mobile VoIP service which allows utilizing GPRS, 3G or WIFI mobile data connections to make free of cheap VoIP calls to phones through your SIP network, to Google Talk, MSN, AIM or Yahoo through GTalk2VoIP soft-switch.

What you finally get:

  • Value added service to your existing customers.
  • Access to growing mobile VoIP and Instant Messaging markets.
  • Additional revenue from mobile VoIP users calling through your SIP network.
  • Additional revenue from mobile advertising both per impression and per actions.
  • Enhancement of service quality and increase in customer loyalty.

How this works:

Our software solution consist of:
  • End-user mobile VoIP software (Talkonaut) installable on Symbian 8.1a/9.1/9.2 or Windows Mobile 5/6 based smart-phones and PDAs.
  • Soft-switch (GTalk2VoIP gateway) installable on any server hardware running Linux or FreeBSD.

Our mobile VoIP software allows mobile users to make and receive VoIP calls over mobile data connections like GPRS, 3G or WIFI. Voice calls are made using Jingle Audio VoIP protocol encoded with a set of narrow-band Speex codecs. Jingle Audio is a very lightweight VoIP protocol that allows Peer-to-Peer real-time voice communications between mobile users as well as between mobile and Google Talk users.

To communicate to SIP and other VoIP and VoIM (Voice over Instant Messenger) networks our soft-switch (GTalk2VoIP gateway) solution is used. Basically, GTalk2VoIP gateway is a software VoIP switch (software PBX) that implements all major VoIP protocols: H.323, SIP, Jingle, SIP-over-MSN, SIP-over-Yahoo, SIP-over-OSCAR. It allows gatewaying and real-time transcoding of VoIP calls between all these supported protocols. The possible implications of GTalk2VoIP together with our Talkonaut mobile VoIP software are shown below:

    Talkonaut <-> Talkonaut calls:

    Talkonaut <-> Google Talk calls:

    Talkonaut <-> SIP calls:

    Talkonaut <-> PSTN calls:

    Talkonaut <-> MSN/Yahoo/AIM/ICQ calls:

Billing issues:

It is assumed that you are already running a Billing system tightly integrated with your SIP server. Techically, from viewpoint of your billing sytem, all Talkonaut users are just another SIP server users, which means our GTalk2VoIP software does register a separate SIP session for each Talkonaut user on your SIP server, so your SIP server recognizes Talkonaut users as standard SIP clients. Thus, there is no need for any integration to be made between your billing system and our software solution.

Compatibility issues:

Our GTalk2VoIP gateway has been tested and proved to be compatible with the following popular SIP servers:
  • Asterisk
  • OpenSER
  • CommuniGate PRO
In case you are running some other SIP server software, we can organize a free testing for you. Please contact us if interested.

Our pricing:

We license our software solutions on per-user and per-line basis. This means you pay per number of registered users and number of concurrent calls they make.

Software and services Licensing scheme Price Min purchase amount
branded Talkonaut for J2ME per registered user 1 Euro / lic 10000 lics
branded Talkonaut for S60 2nd and 3rd per registered user 3 Euros / lic 4000 lics
branded Talkonaut for Windows Mobile 5/6 per registered user 2 Euros / lic 5000 lics
branded Talkonaut for Google Android per registered user 3 Euros / lic 4000 lics
branded Talkonaut for Apple iPhone per registered user 4 Euros / lic 3000 lics
GTalk2VoIP soft-switch
(Jingle/XMPP <-> SIP gateway)
per line 500 Euros / line 10 lines
GTalk2VoIP IM and VoIP transport
to MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo
per IM connection 2 Euros / connection 100 connections
GTalk2VoIP soft-switch installation
and integration work
depends on complexity of your
SIP/VoIP infrastructure
24/7 software technical support service 10% of purchase amount / month

All our prices are not final and can be discounted depending on purchase amount. Please contact us for more details.

Technical specifications:

Contact us:



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